Only free version of the app

Only free version of the app

Paid version removed...?

Since 2015 Team Lundsgard has choosen to remove the paid version of The Sun app. Some of you asks why and the two reasons are:

1. It is mostly for personal reasons.

2. Also some techincal reasons. (It is quite hard for us with very limited resources to keep the app up to date with Apples updates of iOS.)

Some of the features that once were in the paid version are not yet fully implemented. But will be as soon as we can! For personal reasons not during this month but hopefully during this year.

Do you miss the moon rise and fall in the iPhone version?

- Actually it is still there. Shake the iPhone and you will se it :-).

Do you not want the ads?

- Actually you can get rid of them. Press an ad two times. (On some ads you have to press on an arrow to activate it.)

We and Ronald McDonald Houses really want to thank you for using the sun app and hope you still do in future. Under About us you will find more information about us.

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