About us

Team Lundsgard consists of Mr., Mrs. and ‘Junior’ times two Lundsgard. The development of apps for iPhone and iPad is and is to remain a mere hobby.

Our most popular app is undoubtedly ”The Sun”. It has been downloaded from just about any Apple country in the world. All mail and the 1000’s of positive reviews written about the app on the App Store suggests that the app have a place on the first screen on many iPhone and iPads. Very fun and this motivates us to continue the development.


With our app development we have realize a little dream to contribute to charity without compromising our personal finances. In august 2012 we donated ~1.170 USD to Ronald McDonald Childhood in Sweden Uppsala. In 2015 the Ronald McDonald house in Stockholm got ~1.760 USD. Thanks to all You that uses the app!


We follow the recommendations from Apple that iPhone and iPad users always should use the latest iOS version (the operating system). We have very limitied recources to test and support other iOS versions than the latest. Current latest stable version that we have tested is: iOS 9.2.

Read FAQ to the right and make sure you have the latest iOS version and the latest update of the app before sending us a support ticket.


Do you miss the paid version of the app? Nowdays the app is only availible at specific days. When will be announced in the free app.


I got ads but once I paid for extra features and no ads?

- There is now only one free version of the sun app. To get rid of ads you now have to click on an ad twice and the next time you start the app the ads are gone! Read more here >>

The rise and fall for the moon is gone?

- No it is there. Shake your iPhone and you get it :-).

I can’t move the marker on the map in the sun app. Why?

- This is a known bug that came with iOS8.1.1. Apple solved the problem with the iOS 8.3 update.

When I launch the app it only shows 12:00 fm and 12:00 fm?

- The solution is that you don’t have the 24-Hour time setting ON. Do like this: Open Settings app -> General -> Date & Time -> ”Switch 24-Hour Time” to ON


Support: support@lundsgard.com

Due to we have regular work we might not be able to answer to questions until the weekend.

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